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Adaptor Subs

Asphalt Patch

Bailers -Disposable, SS, PVC


Bean Pumps

Bentonite Products

Bits - Percussion, Rotary, RC, Coring

Bladder Pumps

Booster Pumps

Calcium Chloride

Cameras, Down-the-Hole

Caps - PVC, Locking

Casing Drivers

Casing Perforators

Casing - SS, LCS, PVC

Cat Pumps & Parts

Caution Tape


Cement Baskets

Centralizers - PVC, SS

Chain Wrenches -                Ridgid, Gearench

Compressors – Portable & Booster


Concrete Dye

Core Barrels – Conventional, Wireline

Core Boxes - Cardboard, Poly, Wooden

Covers, Protective locking

Diamond Core Drilling Products

Dope Brushes

Drill Collars

Drill Rig Parts & Accessories

Drill Rods

Drilling Fluids & Additives


Drop Pipe


Dual Wall RC Pipe

Elevators - Pipe & Casing

Environmental Safe Foamer


Fittings - SS, Iron, Brass

Flush Threaded Pipe – PVC, CPVC,                                          LCS, SS

Foam Injector Systems

Geothermal Grout & Sand

Gravel Pack

Ground Cover Mats

Grout Mixers

Guar Gum

Hammer Bits

Hammer Oil

Hammers, DTH

HDPE - Pipe, Fittings, Loop Pipe

Hoisting/Lowering Tools

Hole Openers

Hollow Stem Augers, Bits, Bolts, Teeth

Hose, Clamps & Fittings

Hydro Punch

Inclinometers & Inclinometer Casing

Insitu Sampling Products

Kwik Klamps

Locking Well Caps

Louvered Well Screen



Monument Covers, Stove Pipe

Mud Additives

Mud Pumps & Parts

Mud Testing Kits

Oil / Water Meters

Overburden Drilling Systems

Packers - Pneumatic, Conventional


Petol Tongs, Wrenches

Pipe Dope

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Wipers

Pipe Wrenches, Vises, Cutters, Threaders

Plastic Sheeting


Plastic Tube Caps

Polymers & Additives

Pre-Pack - PVC & SS

Protective Well Covers

Pump Hoists

Pumps – Positive, Displacement,       Centrifugal, Submersible

PVC - Casing, Screen, Drop Pipe,                      Fittings, Valves

Rotary Deck Bushings

Safety Products

Sample Liners - Brass, SS, Lexan

Sampling Equipment

Sand & Filter Pack

Shock Subs

Side Inlet Swivels

Slips, Bowls

Soda Ash

Sodium Bicarbonate

Soil Sampling Kits

Sorbant Booms, Socks, Pillows

Screen – SS, LCS, PVC

Surge Blocks


Teflon Rolls, Perforated Sheets

Tyvek Suits

Valves - SS, Iron, Brass

Water Level Indicators & Meters


Well Cleaning Brushes

Well Cleaning, Rehab Products

Well Covers

Well Seals

Well Sounders

Wireline Core Tooling

Wooden Plugs

Yellowmine Pipe


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